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Importance of Rel=”canonical” Tag in SEO

Rel=”canonical” tag is used in website source code and it is also the important part of the search engine optimization. It used to remove duplicity of page on the same site. Lets we discussed in details that why and how we use this tag.

I will explain you with the help of an example:-

B) -id-123/~

These are the two different URL’s with the same content. So, we prefer those URL which is search or user friendly and easily readable or indexed by a spider (crawler).

In the above example 1st URL is easily readable and search friendly compare to 2nd one.

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Canonical tag is used to hide the duplicate content which is present on your website. Generally, this tag is used in the right page url to make understand that it is the main url for that page of your website. This tag is very important for better ranking and results for right URL.

In our example shown below the page from item B) will be redirected to the right page by adding the following text in your source which is found in the head part of your webpage:

<link rel="canonical" href=" -id-123/~>

Then whatever page you mentioned in the canonical link will be indexed in the search engine database. And the search engine will give highest priority for this page. Canonical link just gives the hint to search engines that which page is most important for us or our website.

Why we use this tag?

It is not a real Meta tag and by adding this rel=”canonical” tag you inform to search engine which your main page. But keep in mind this doesn’t mean that crawler will not pay attention on other page. That story is fabled.

How to add this tag on any website source?

Rel=”canonical” tag can be added by the following way mentioned below.

<link rel="canonical" href="url" />

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How to get Face book brand page likes

Today’s internet marketing trend is very popular. Now if we are talking about Facebook. So, in today’s IT industry everyone create their own Facebook page for business promotions.

If you are starting your Face book brand page so don’t worry, I will give you some tips by this blog post that how to get Face book likes and how to maintain your brand page reputation.

1) This is not a good idea to ask your friends and family to like your page- If you are managing a Face book account for your personal use then that thing is not matter, but if you access client’s Face book brand page then this not good because those peoples are not related to your client’s targeted market.

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2) Starting a blog is one of the fastest ways to keep your customers up to date on your brand page. If you write well then seriously you get the attraction from visitors.

3) You can begin campaigning on Face book. Target those peoples who liked your brand page. You can also filtered peoples by age, sex and location depends on you. This is the different and effective technique for buying likes and engages with potential customers.

4) You update daily your brand page, this is necessary to engage people because who liked your brand page, they read every update on own timeline. You can also add photos and videos because some peoples interested in photos and other multimedia content instead of content writing. So, try to give information to your customer with the help of attractive content and multimedia source.


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